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The Mind is a full-time occupation.

To use it effectively, it needs rhythms in motions of its pitch, roll and rotation, and in its frequencies in length, height and depth, but most importantly, it needs a purpose of style in its Creativity and Imagination.  

Mind ReMapping is a Cognitive Positioning System that triangulates Time within 3 states, honing one centralised theme.  

This is called, “Trilateral Thinking”“Thinking without Thinking”, or 4th Dimension.

The individual states to each position in Time are:

Vibration, the Future, Creativity, or the Mother. This is Conception & Thought.

Oscillation, the Past, the Rhythm, or the Father. These are Emotions & Resonance.

Modulation, the Present, the Dance, or the Child. This is the Action or Objectification.

And within the centre of these Trinary Systems, sits a harmony. The Ego.

Each state of Time is a Mirror which collectively complements or contrasts the other 2 states, and it is you who controls their Tempo.  

These Time sequences happen all at once and do not follow a Future, Present, and Past, thus, the Mind, in whatever way you conceive it, must be able to capture 3 positions in time simultaneously.

When you finally find your MIND, you will realise that there was never a Future, Present or Past, but just Frequencies.

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