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fantastic illusions

Life is one BIG fantastic illusion, sold as the amusements and depressions of many Realities.

The only reason illusions work is because of the extent of our intellect, allowing us to distort time using imagination.

Do you know why we can’t convince animals of an idea like maths, money, or art? Because animals do not have belief systems, instead, they use systems of repetition to measure their reality.

We can’t teach animals the complexities of an idea like language because it requires a belief system, which only registers in human minds. And yes, language has repetitions, but when it comes to talking about the Mind, language only points to abstract ideas.

When we are spoken to in a foreign language we don’t understand, our belief systems do not register, except for beliefs of confusion.

The creative codes allowing the foreign language as an idea to take effect, have no recognisable Frameworks to augment illusions into a reality, But we learn them, in just the same way we learn our fears, prejudices, and irrationalities.

What does this mean? It means we are actors. We agree that certain words and phrases are relatable to meaning when it comes to our Minds.


We accept ideas without evidence to determine their truth, creating distortions in our reality. Furthermore, if the language is correct, ideas can take effect immediately, only requiring repetitions to enforce their illusions, which can be applied through any medium, from any distance.

This is called “Make Believe”, or pretending.

The extent of our intellect is governed by Imagination, but our creativity often hangs us, because we only Believe we have a Mind, we do not KNOW it.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been lucky enough, like others, to use imagination to create the ideal simulations in life, and nor are we given its creative opportunity, so instead, we subject ourselves to disproportionate standards of living, because our language convinces us that we deserve the positions we have.  

The scariest part in all of this, however, is when we eventually get fed up with these falsehoods.

When we have decided, yet again that we have had enough, illusions of reality quickly begin to come apart at the seams, at which point, we are presented with 2 choices. To either fall deeper into despair, or find new optimisms, but not necessarily optimisms of opportunity, but further choices of illusion.

And though this situation seems impossible, in the choices between rags or riches, good and bad, heaven and hell, or peace and turmoil, they, however, indicate a very good sign.

It indicates that there are dualities at play. Dualities determine a range, and these accessible ranges are easily adjusted. Duality is a law, like gravity, light, vibrations etc, they do not suffer from prejudice or favouritism, and illusions cannot disguise themselves as any falsities that can distort them.

This manifests the legitimacies of a powerful 3rd option.

The 3rd option is that we can turn every Illusion and belief against themselves, by creating falsehoods which compete against imagined realities, phasing both illusions out of the Mind.

Just imagine it, all the mental limits that have been the bane of your life can be neutralised, not with words and affirmations as we have been led to believe, but instead, with counteractive illusions.


the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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