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Before you commence Mind ReMapping, I would like you to set your imagination as the precedence of your intelligence, where instead of thinking in manors that may constrain your thoughts through integrated beliefs systems, try temporarily to silence those beliefs looking for answers either based within the parameters of 3 dimensions or in some cases 2 dimensions. Instead, learn to observe your habitual rhythms, and the rhythms of your context, as the likelihood is, that whatever perceptions you have about Mind ReMapping, it will probably be based on what you have not yet considered your Mind to be, which is a prospect of 4 Dimensions.


 As a result, your creativity will try to fill gaps to many of the minds mental obscurities Mind ReMapping will present to you, which in some cases, are enormous crevices. However, what your creativity will do once these voids we call the "Subconscious" are revealed, will be to mirror lapses of that understanding as perceptions that are confined to cultural expectations. Therefore, your Mind will have to learn to confront its limits, where the greater those limits which you confront, the greater the opportunity to ReDesign its structure. 

The Imagination is extremely effective and proliferates whatever Framework you decide will be the foundation of your mind's thinking. So, it is important that your logic is based on sound dynamics, conducive to your creative ambitions, instead of perceptions which sabotage your efforts.

And we all know what these saboteurs look like. Its not a situation, an object, a person, or a location, but negative thoughts that attach themselves to these objectifications, which if thinking is too narrow, regresses the imagination into negative polarities.

 We cannot "think outside the box", to find our solutions, if our mental obscurities which create the parameters of the "BOX"in the first instance, are thoughts that do not know what is "OUTSIDE" of that thinking. All thoughts in these circumstances will be influenced by the convictions of our own creative illusions, ascribed to the negative emotions we feel.


The reason for this, is because, you have to learn to observe your limits first without judgements, before thinking can make any intellectual choices. And where territories of your mind are unfamiliar to frameworks of your thoughts, then you need to develop strong constitutions of courage, as an Empty Mind, to observe your self-awareness, in what will be, imaginative, but significant higher dimensional battles, for the right to control the 4th Dimension of your Mind.


Mind Remapping is the opportunity to upgrade our personalities, not that there is anything inherently wrong with our minds, but rather the programs we may have assimilated in our lifetime, may have thought processes that could do with some improvements. But before we can start to make any MetaPhysical changes, we have to be able to conceive the parameters of our thoughts, by allowing creativity, regardless of what it presents to us, to completely engulf our sensibilities whilst restraining our habitual behaviours to those perceptions.


We will explore our minds, but without confining it too closely to its culturally accepted definitions, which in most cases, can become laborious. Either way, whatever the minds prospects are for you, our higher consciousness should be opportunities to inspire interesting conversations, and new Frameworks of thinking, instead of discussions of its obscurity, which can be off-putting. 


And as such, in this digital platforms effort to remove uncertainty and inspire mental excitement, a GLOSSARY of words and their explanations, some terms of which are organic to Mind ReMapping, and others that are dictionary definitions, have been included as a compilation of specific reference points, that you will occasionally need to revisit whilst you navigate this website, some pages of which are exclusive only to Mind Creators.

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