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Night Sky

To see the full encompassments of Light, you have to go into the Dark.

The Dark is not Fear, but the opportunity to be alone with your Mind and nothing else.

From out of the Mind’s obscurities, you will evoke all forms of Weakness.

Weakness are not the Ghosts of the past, or the Demons waiting in your future unless, of course, you want them to be. They are instead, the magnitudes of the 4th Dimension, which we misapprehend.

Higher states of the 4th Dimension are a rite of passage, guarded by Gatekeepers who serve as the Minds territorial membrane of impedance.

Gatekeepers Mirror many Creative Frameworks of oblivion, exploiting every burden of weakness we carry, whenever we embark beyond boundaries prohibited by Consciousness.

Egos are often too fragile to enter these Spherical cycles of Time, which is a chaos of rhythms that demand Respect, Principle, Morality, Loyalty, and Discipline.

If the Ego is found to be wanting, it will be fragmented and scattered across the cosmos of Consciousness, without Frameworks of Re-Memberance. These are the memories of who we once were as children.

And thus, the Gatekeepers will encourage all Fears of Darkness, because that was the first weakness we ever evoked out of our innocence. 

We may have outgrown these obscurities of the Dark, but we never learnt to understand them, thus, these regions of the 4th Dimension recast themselves into creative oblivions of physical or material impossibility, under the sufferance of FEAR.

Imagination Mirrors the MIND, and if you submerge it under Beliefs in a Subconscious, the Mind will disguise itself into every illusion, where it can never be found.

The Milky Way

The Darkness of the Mind are uncharted voids of 4 Dimensions of Nothingness. It is the MetaPhysical space standing between where our Thoughts are now, and where we want that Thinking to be. 

That space is a deep crevasse, opening into an abyss that has no shape, no form, no up or down, nor an in or out.

It is an abstraction of intuitive space, which does not comply with 3 Dimensions. It distorts physical reality to extents that we’d rather imagine and create deterrents of Darkness than find the courage to face the mass of the Mind.

You do not need Courage, Bravery, Confidence, or Heroism, what you need are Frameworks that bridge the oblivion from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Mind ReMapping