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T H E   4 T H   S P H E R I C A L   A X I S   O F   T I M E 

C  O  G  N  I   T  I  V  E    P  O  S  I  T  I  O  N  I  N  G    Y  S  T  E  M  

1st December 2023

This tutorial will iterate how Time is not only a metric of 24 hours, weeks, months, or years, but that Time, are dynamics with infinite repetitions you can create into any harmony of Awareness Mirrored by Consciousness.

​Harmonies of Time, especially from the standpoint of being a human, is an interface which amalgamates symmetries between the Brain in the physical world and the Mind in MetaPhysical Consciousness, and together they create our reality, where the metric of Time that travels through many Dimensions are its Framework.

​Therefore, to understand the 3 axes of Time and how they correlate to the 3 Dimensions of reality, its observer will need to be a 4th constitution of elusive Time. They will need to become the 4th Dimension of the Mind and its Spherical 4th Axis.

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In the 4 Dimensions of Consciousness, the 3 axes which construct the 3 Dimensions of length height and depth integrating our physical experiences, are axes which are located independently in 4 axes of Time, as catalogues of memory as indices that are separate from one another throughout the Mind.

Unlike the geometry of a 2-Dimensional diagram illustrating 2 axes that have one fixed perspective, or the geometry of a 3 Dimensional diagram illustrating 3 axes that have 3 fixed perspectives, in the geometry of the 4th Dimension, the Mind’s illustrations of 3 axes, which is not restricted to physics, at speeds of light, can move to any perspectives through and around Time, like a gyroscopic simulator.

4axes rotation.jpg

Within this 4 Dimensional simulator which uses the dynamics in Time to create reality, the Mind can fix a perspective to every central position of 3 axes within its interface, which is Imagination searching for symmetries from every angle.

​A 2-Dimensional diagram of 2 axes has 4 perspectives of symmetry when rotating its image at 90-degree angles.

​A 3-Dimensional diagram illustrating 3 axes has 6 perspectives of symmetry when rotating its image at 45-degree angles.

​But a 3-Dimensional image of 3 axes, imagined in the 4 Dimensions of the Mind, will have 48 separate positions of perspective symmetry.

​The correlation of this in the 3rd Dimension, is that for every situation in physical reality, the Brain will search to quantise symmetries with its Mind.

This means that for every Thought that finds symmetry with the 3rd Dimension, there are 48 perfect perceptions to create the Imagined, into physical reality, however, the Trilateral axis of balance for this symmetry, is dependent on the Framework the Mind uses to create harmony.

Framework 1, is what constitutes the Metaphysical of the observers Mind.

Framework 2, is what objectifies the Mind, in the People, the Objects, the Situation, and their location.

Framework 3, is in the Understanding that creates symmetry between the Meta and the Physical.

S P H E R I C A L   S E N S E   

Any one perspective, or an arrangement of simultaneous perspectives is every position in the Mind, which is all positions in Time.

Unilateral or Bilateral Thoughts follow line-of-sight dialects as inevitable sequences, in that they can be no greater than their physical reference.

Bi-lateral language renders Time into speech, beliefs systems, or expectations which follow sequential paths, preventing elevations of Time into the Spherical Mind, but what we aren’t able to capture in these types of communication, is felt as deep shifts of Time.

Even though we may lack the language to capture the Spherical Mind, our Minds within degrees of their experience can still converge up to any one of its 48 intersections, but this language is referenced in emotional resonance, far more powerful than the utterance of speech.

Intersections of these axes mark a Genesis from which the Mind through the masses of mathematical irregularity and unbalance (error correction) to find these positions, remains still at their focal points to create the purist symmetries held between the Mind’s Meta reality, and the Brain’s Physical reality. 

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Each of the viewer's perspectives, whilst searching for their symmetric genesis, will phase through a mass of asymmetric interactions of unbalanced Time, Mirrored into experiences in the physical world reflecting Consciousness.  

Through every asymmetric dynamic in Time, the angle of the Mind objectifies belief systems, making physical reality look and feel like people, objects, and situations we sense within ourselves as reflections of Consciousness that behave in particular and Emotional ways, which externally interact with us.

The degree of observable behaviour in ourselves and the accompanying realities we witness are directly influenced by the Mind’s position in the 4th Dimension, where each perspective in Time are frequencies where the belief in what we witness only affirms the Mind’s location in 4 Dimensions of  Time, because beliefs DO NOT define reality, beliefs only reflect the Mind at pitches in its frequency.

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We may all look at the same things in the natural language of Time, but the dialect of our language changes Time's meaning.


The angle of Time the observer physically controls with their biology, is a minimum of 12.5% of 100% of the Mind, or 45 degrees of a right angle, of a potential 360 degrees of the Mind, leaving a remainder of 88% or 315 degrees of the Mind which is controlled not by language, but by Emotions.

This physical window of Time is a contact point between the 3rd   Dimension that echoes in the 4th Dimension, thus, to solely rely on physicality as all of reality, only casts illusions and shadows replicating 1/8th of the Minds entirety.

The observer's contact points as fields of the 3rd Dimension, are continuous flows that tirelessly adjust breadths of Awareness as they grow into the Spherical arch of the Mind, but the observer will often counteract these Time fluxes, and thus, their reality remains as small as their beliefs.   

Sphere of Mind .jpg

As we age, more and more Time passes through the 3rd Dimension, flowing into the 4 Dimensions of the Mind,  where Time as Awareness is not lost, but instead, becomes the abstraction of the Subconscious.

Abstracts of Time in the subconscious are the instinctive necessities in Consciousness which bear weight on the Mind that must balance its Trinary System, of a Consciousness that only Feels in Oscillations, a Mind which Modulates Symmetric Geometries in Time, and the Ego that tries to Think in Vibrations.

The 1st Dimension (1st axis) represents the length of Time given as Thought or Thinking. This is the seed of the Minds Creation, that follows sequences.

Time sequences, as many expect, are not only a series of moments one following another, Time is also, two opposing sequences at locations in Time that expand from a central reference, where both the beginning and the end as Thought or Thinking grow outwards, but it is the continuous Thoughts and Thinking during their flows which interrupts Time.

If you can visualise this in 3 dimensions, this is like blowing up a balloon where the most central point on its inside, is the reference point. Or, if you visualise this in 2 Dimensions, it is like 2 ends of a line extending outwards opposite from one another. Ultimately, Time is efficient, and therefore, each end of the line will curve back on itself to create a circle.  

Linear Time diagram .jpg

The 2nd Dimension (2nd axis) is objectification. Bringing the thought or the thinking into concrete form, but in its purity, in how much symmetry in physical reality the viewer can create from the perceptions of its Genesis, if at all they can reach its location, or if its genesis can be found.

Reaching a Genesis means creating symmetries between the 3rd & and 4th Dimension that mirror one another, but without an influence which doesn’t focus on polarities of a beginning or end, or positive or negative, silencing the Thought and Thinking which is meant only to influence the right positions in Time in the spherical axis of the Mind.

This process is called the “Empty Mind”, which is to occupy ideal locations, to assimilate Time into the symmetric geometries of the Mind.

Assimilation is a “Quantising” process which is to equally map the dynamics within Awareness found in the physical world with the brain and its senses, and with the Mind, increase its volumes and capacity so as to Modulate Consciousness, but to do this, as objectively as possible.

The Mind is effectively Mirroring the dynamics of the 3rd Dimension, as if standing dead centre of a perception reflected through Time, however, the viability of this process is dependant on the geometries of the Mind in the first instance.

 If the mathematical patterns of the Mind are rudimentary, means that it will most likely haemorrhage Time into an abyss of abstraction, further adding to the friction and weight of the Mind that will struggle to balance its Trinary System. 

Any deviance to either side of Time will be the influence of a Thought or Thinking that moves the Mind into irregularity or unbalance, creating distortions and refractions in Time, and thereby, manipulating the understanding of the initial perception.

Grid System 4th Dimension

 3rd Dimension

The 3rd Dimension (3rd axis), is understanding, which is a Mind in stillness. Like a gyroscope, the Mind pivots, rotates, and pitches as the flows of Awareness pass through the Minds Prism into Consciousness.

The Mind will maintain its zero gravity in Time, anchoring the initial thought to a purity of its genesis, levitating like a hummingbird finding the right rhythmic wing frequency, holding ideal vibrations of Time.

The Empty Mind are gravitational field of silence, where neither perceptions nor an illusion of Mind can influence Time, where everything becomes, “NO TIME”.

This is Time at its purest, a perfect spheric 360-degree view, from which the clearest pictures of Awareness in physicality, are assimilated into Consciousness as dynamics symmetries of Understanding.

At this frequency the observer can render all 48 locations simultaneously, gradually creating one unified harmonic theme of Time in symmetry, witnessed as the observer’s Emotional resonance.

These are the same geometries found in our natural world, in wavelengths of colour that create pure light, or the frequencies that build perfect harmonies, or the engineered constructs of snowflakes, which are all perfect in symmetry, and this, is the same Quadrilateral precision at the disposal of its observer, who can now replicate the same geometries in the physical world.  

In vortexes of zero gravity, the resonant carrier signals of our Emotional influence fall into a deadly silence, and the observer falls into grooves in Time, passing into Dimensions of pure Imagination and Dreams as a sanctuary of Time in which to Creatively Think.

1st Dimension (1st axis)

2nd Dimension (2nd axis)

3rd Dimension (3rd axis)




The 4th Dimension (4th axis).  This is a sense of Mind that conceives both the Meta and the Physical world using carrier signals of TIME that swing reality within one Dimension in dualities of its other, meaning the observer is always in two dynamics of Time at once.  

​This is called the “Pendulum Effect."

​The Pendulum Effect is an organic binary system, which perpetuates its own energies in synchromatic harmony with the world and universe from which Mind and Body derive power.

​The depth of the Minds swing are Bandwidths of rhythmic Oscillations, culminating in the observers' Operating Frequencies, or the Ego.

​The Mind is a magnet that is centred at contact points in Time which correspond to chosen locations in the 4th Dimension, but these contact points are misapprehended as the present.

​Nonetheless, the window has a gravitas that keeps Time swinging, two and fro between the symmetries of each reality.

​The influence of Mind, is its ability to Modulate how hard it will pull or push momentums of Time, and this, is what creates the Trinary System, in the Oscillations of Consciousness, the Vibrations of Awareness, and the Modulations of the Mind, represented by the “Triangle” or “Triad.”

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t r i a d   o f   t h e   m i n d 

This concludes this Meta Coding session.

​Allow this information to digest and ruminate within your Consciousness without forcing understanding, and when you feel emotionally assured within yourself, experiment with what you have learnt against your reality, and you will be surprised.

​As you ingrain Trilateral Thinking into your daily life, gradually your Spherical Sense will begin to augment your Mind.

​The illusion you Think is your Mind, will move away from its opinions which are controlled by Belief systems as one polarity, and will move towards its opposite, to reach centres of Time that can locate your Genesis, which is the pivot of your Consciousness.

​This will create your Mind into a Quadrilateral Technology that will control TIME.


​Come back again next month for the next edition and exercise assignment. If you feel you would like to arrange a Mind Inversion Class, please register your interest.

​Regards & Thank you.

​Mind ReMapping


the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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