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Talking Mind 

Sometimes when I dream, I watch them through the clear membranes of my mind, where my senses and actions are ineffectual.

The dreams feel synthetic, in that I can feel the air on my face, but not its temperament, hear its music, but never capture its tune, feel many objects, but cannot sense their texture.

And though I am there, I am purposely ignored, and I am only made to watch, where the only control I have, is to awaken from that dream.

Other times, I can be partially, or fully emersed within them, and I get an extraordinary feeling that my dreams know that I am there.

At that moment, those dreams gravitate towards me, explaining many mysteries, but as soon as I wake, I forget everything, however, I know, that I have been shown a secret.

"My Mind can go so far out to sea, that I have to be careful not to drift out into the ocean currents of Consciousness, as these are conditions they normally assign with madness…."

"Why fear the concept of humanity, if when you connect the Mind to the might of Consciousness that you are, makes you much greater than …?..... Because again, you have forgotten …….."

Black Smudge In White Background_edited.

"Authenticity is a most valuable commodity. There are no trial moments in life, as every moment is authentic unto itself where planning for them, is only as valuable to the Framework of the moment. When the significance of situations arise, plans will most likely fail, so, jump in, with your chest out and wide open."

"There are more to our Emotions than the templates which define them. The difficulty is not the sensations, but where and through what means we can express those Emotions. These are sensations that do not always correspond within a 3-Dimensional existence, because they require the Higher parameters of the Mind to control them."

As a child I was aware that my Consciousness was beyond its physical age, it was as if I were on an observation expedition……pretending…..I was always pretending….that my Mind was smaller, so as not to intimidate anyone…..