the 4th dimension

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The physical world is not the only REALITY that exists, there are other REALITIES beyond 3 Dimensions.

The Portal to the 4th Dimension of the Mind is a Docking Station situated as the Human Framework that Modulates all thoughts into Transcendence, which humanity crafts into Meaning.

Thoughts are encompassments of Awareness captured as pockets of TIME, as memories, and experiences used to Modulate you, and the World, as manifestations of Consciousness.

The distance between your 4th Dimensional Transcendence, and its baseline which is the platforms of the 3rd Dimension, are Operating Frequencies.

Operating Frequencies are Emotional Signatures, Creativity ReMaps as Frameworks of Thinking.

Operating Frequencies can be increased through Bandwidth Expansion; however, Emotional Impedance will be encountered as Competitive Resistance.

Competitive Resistance are strong feelings that resonate across the Triad of the Mind, which are profoundly felt throughout the Human structure.

Frameworks are the creative Perceptions of Life, and they determine the altitudes of Awareness as elevations that can reach into the stratospheres of Higher Consciousness.

If the Frameworks of the Mind map Competitive Resistance as limits, that Mind remains grounded to its docking station and will not launch.

But if the Mind ReMaps these same Emotional Impedances into Emotional Amplifiers the Mind will project itself into Transcendence.

And on breaching the clouds to what was its Subconscious, the Mind will observe the many plains across the galaxies of Consciousness, which includes a greater dynamical understanding of the 3 dimensions, from whence it came.

From these heightened states, the Mind will conceive itself as the Sphere of knowledge and will reclaim its rightful place within the Triad of the 4th Dimension, and thus, Mind ReMapping will commence.

These Maps, will both be new journeys across the landscapes of the 3 dimensions below, and propulsions into outer consciousness and new planetary orbits.

Science are the fundamental dynamics, and counterpart to understanding, but to perceive Higher Consciousness you will need an IMAGINATION, which is not bound to 3 Dimensions of Time & Space, but an elevated Thinking that moves at the speed of Light.

Referring to the unseen Mind as the Subconscious, or Unconscious are descriptive terms that lessen higher states, and thus the Imagination will hide Consciousness behind the clouds of mental obscurity.

Hence the term “the Elusive Mind”, which are the constructs of illusions, that stop the Mind from finding itself amongst the stars, preoccupying thoughts to its emotional limits.

The Mind does not perceive time as the Past, Present or Future, they are entireties of its Awareness & Consciousness continuously cycling through one another, from which Creative Loops of habitual behaviours are evoked.

All memories, experiences, & aspirations are the total sum of the MIND.

Any FRAMEWORKS the Mind ReMaps becomes the epicentre of Consciousness, and narratives of life, where the Mind is either an Arbitrator, or a  PASSIVE OBSERVER of its own TIME.