the journey 

Mind ReMapping is by no means a shortcut to success through the common known practises of, Manifesting, the Laws of Attraction, Positive Affirmations, or Meditations to achieve financial, or personal objectives or gains.

Defining a belief to any significant self-inability, are limits that will only be amplified by using these Disciplines, alienating, what should be a natural human process to everyday life.

Within such practices your focus is automatically shifted to negative perspectives, instead of building on the improvements of what you already have.

This brings too much attention to these floors, obscuring the natural phenomena’s of Higher Consciousness, which we have been able to do since birth, but have forgotten.

We instead replace this natural ability, “The Empty Mind”, with thinking that is unable to transcend its own limits, and as such, the mind will only reflect the pains of our failures, inducing anxiety.

Mind ReMapping does not focus on success, nor does it focus on practises where the mind exacerbates its own limits.

Why? Because firstly, you are already successful, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, and secondly, it is because we decide what mental limits we accept, and then impose on ourselves.

The concept of success has been misconstrued, mainly into attributes of physical objectivity, which is our most fundamental mistake.

Success is not physical, but it has physical qualities, as by-products that signify success, but which are not the means of it.

Mind ReMappig is the long-term reconstruction of Frameworks that create the Ego and then evolve it, into prospects that can switch between its self-identity, and the Mind, for any given situation. And when these Frameworks develop the courage, to then ReMap structures between the Ego, the Mind, and Consciousness.

You will be ReMapping these 3 faculties, (the Triad of Consciousness) that up until this point in time, no one may ever have questioned you about, to degrees where you are asked to describe your Mind.

This is the most fundamental basis to Higher Consciousness, which is to KNOW THYSELF.

Without  developing concepts of what the mind is, and where it is, means that regardless of whatever techniques we discover, will only embroil the mind within Creative Loops, that the Ego will either become subservient to as a subconscious, or it will fragment them

This, is “THE JOURNEY” to the 4th Dimension.