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t h e  4th  d i m e n s i o n 

Sometimes we must step away from the light to the comforts of our Minds, venturing into the Dark where we do not know.

Some of us go a little way from our shores, some go part of the way, and those who find the courage, will sail deep into the Abyss.

Sail far enough that the light of your world begins to dim out of sight, just enough that you can catch glimpses of other lights within your Consciousness.

When you see the lights of these Worlds, you are looking at a distant life you have not yet embarked on.

However, those lights will not always be there, because as each day passes, they fade further away.

Consciousness, like the Universe, expands, but through windows of Time that can take ambitions out of reach.

Once your Mind captures new Lights, you can either navigate toward their constellations or head back home to what you already know.

You know, there is more to life than the one smoulder of light, and that’s why you are here to find the Fires of new Worlds.

Mind ReMapping