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I  M  E  N  S  I  O  N   1

G  A  T  E  W  A  Y      P  R  O  C  E  S  S 

Q  U  A  N  T  U  M     I  D  E  N  T  I  T  I  E  S 

E t h e r   M i n d 

"be so creatively removed from reality that the Mind has no choice, but to come out of hiding…."

The furthest and deepest reaching duality of the Mind is the polarity between the visible and the invisible.

All that is behold in the 3rd Dimension is one of infinite fields folded inside Time.

The physical Mind is all objects manifested in the material world, and the invisible Mind is the spaces in between all objects of its manifestation.

Therefore, the visible is fractional compared to the vast margins of invisible reality.

The Mind is the all-encompassing Ether (aether).

The Ether is a sense of Time to greater quantities of Consciousness & Awareness.

It occupies all spaces surrounding the focal points the Mind objectifies, for without it, there is no reality.  

The Ether awakens with the absence of Mind. This type of absence is called “The EMPTY MIND”.

The Empty Mind is a far more valuable proposition for it has no sense of limits.

It is the Mind which does not exist, and by doing so, it limits reality.

It is from this absence of invisibility that all materialisations in Time are created.

“All that is visible and measurable is a shadow of the invisible and immeasurable.” Plato

The absence of the Mind is counterintuitive meditation. It is a “GATEWAY PROCESS”.

All that is Impossible, Unimaginable, and Unthinkable, becomes the Possible, the Imaginable, and the Thinkable.

This is the Inverted Mind, the silent Ether of Time which is a sense connecting all things.

It resides only in the 4th Dimension, which by laws of nature takes precedence over our earthly realm.

The Ether is the world of the “Inverted Mind” containing our Emotions, Actions, and Thoughts, sitting behind the “Mirrors of our Imaginations”.

The Mirrors of our Imagination are veils of Time that manifest reality.  

Emotions, Actions & Thoughts are mechanisms of Thinking reinforcing the Trinary System of our Minds, and Mind ReMapping is a discipline that navigates inversions of nature’s Time.

This is our “Cognitive Positioning System”.

A Cognitive Positioning System is a Gryosphere which can localise invisible properties of Time, magnetising molecules in physical reality into the manifestation of the visual Mind.

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