Mental Metamorphosis 

Mental Metamorphosis are transitions from perceptive prospects confined within 3 dimensions into wider and spatial regions of consciousness,  as the 4th Dimension of the Mind.

These are grounded concepts of minds waiting to develop their wings of knowledge to higher states of consciousness, externalised as counterparts to intellect to within 3 dimensions.

That counterpart are minds normally reserved for the inexperienced, the innocent, and the naïve members of our society, as they are only really privy to, 2 dimensions as they develop into a 3-dimensional existence.

The 1st Dimension, is the Minds point of focus, as self-awareness, and the 2nd Dimension, as the Object, Situation, Location, & Person/s.

The 3rd Dimension, which is depth, on account of their lack of experience is occupied by their imaginations.

The imagination fills the void to their 3rd dimension to compile an intellectual entirety, creating perceptions of a world, and as we all know, sometimes these perceptions can be far fetched.

But there comes a time when the mind assimilates enough information, that those far fetched ideas, either develop into something more substantial or diminish because they are no longer viable for adult expectations.

This is the beginnings of maturity, however, as many minds continue to grow, some still hold onto the same frameworks that are guided by 2 dimensions of perceptions, instead of 3. And although their 3rd dimensions of depth and understanding are engaged enough that they can THINK, these minds ironically, will attribute themselves to conformities to ideals of adulthood, rather than to their imagination.

Societal conventions play an important role, they are good for the conducts of manners, patients, and order, but when they are integrated to the point that they supplant imagination, those minds become too linear, and will sometimes be unable to distinguish between conventional frameworks that overcast the minds assimilated dynamics of awareness.

These are the very dynamics of awareness that if the adult mind was as imaginative as when it was a minor, would fragment these conformities of Creative Loops, that in this instant stops their ability to think 3 dimensionally.

Imagination is always working, but the linear frameworks to the perceptions of adulthood have mapped the mind into 2-dimensional prospects. The far fetched ideas of what would be the scope of imagination, are now disguised instead as beliefs, however, as they are 2-dimensional prospects, they are hardly ever explored, and thus the mind cannot verify its validity, but are concepts that as adults we will accept.  

Beliefs themselves, regardless if they are positive or negative, are not really a problem, in fact, they demonstrate a good imagination.

Beliefs, however, can become an issue when they are not evolved, in relation to the contexts that surround them.  And if a mind is not willing to amend a belief when the surrounding context, which is usually greater than it, contradicts that belief, then that Mind safeguarding itself, will envelop that Ego within a Creative Loop.

These can sometimes be minds that WILL NOT, & CAN NOT change, as this would mean having to face the limits of their Ego, and the false realities they create into spectres or phantoms of their 3 dimensions.

Some minds are so dependent on their beliefs, that they are willing to tolerate unhappiness, frustration, limitation, and disappointment, instead of the opportunity for possibility. These minds are yet to develop their courage in their own self-certainty, which would encourage them to step out from behind their self-created illusion, which they use as excuses to hide their fears. And those fears are not really of the world, but those fears are of themselves.

The process of maturity into adulthood is the physical counterpart structured around the fundamentals to its conformity, but sometimes they fall short, and do not account toward the infinite-dimensional change of the mind into MENTAL META MORPHOSIS.