mind remapping

Mind ReMapping are disciplines that give the observer the temporary means to halt the rhythmic scripts to any perceptive narrative of life. This meditation is known as the “Empty Mind”.

To find our Empty Minds, we first have to recognise that we are playing the lead roles to the many elusive characters of life as the Ego. We helplessly lose ourselves within the theatrics of self-manifested Creative Loops, which are productions that inspire our books, movies, suspense, thrillers & dramas, because we all love a good story.

Without these variable creative stories to life, which either present us with challenges, adventures, or conflicts, Mind ReMapping would be pointless, as there would be no reason to have these mental Frameworks in the background of our lives. Our Elusive Minds are obvious designs of a 4th Dimension, which are positions that help us to observe our lives creatively, by way of these stories set within 3 Dimensions, so we can find and become the better characters of our Egos.


Think of the meditations of the Empty Mind, as if we are directors on the many filming sets on this big production called Earth. These stages are not only geographical locations but are sets that integrate deep-seated ideas like the concepts of our careers, cultures, relationships etc, and occasionally we have to stop these scripts so we can revaluate, and change the direction of these storylines.


We observe these productions, with the intention to change, or at the very least attempt to alter their direction, because first, we are reviewing them from a 4th Dimension as arbitrators of our own lives, however, we are not aware of these positions.  The stories, which are either given to us or/and are self-created, are so compelling that we convince ourselves of their validity, creating a sense of ourselves that we do not want to lose, even if it is painful, because as far as we are aware, this is all that we have, and know.


The mechanism of observing life from a 4th Dimension is to proactively change the settings when stories hit a brick wall, as contexts of a production that do not present valuable meaning, we wish to take any further. But as we are so close to these 3-dimensional productions, unable to see beyond the floodlights of the stages we are on, we end up becoming embroiled within Creative Loops that we are helpless to stop.



Mind ReMapping as a practice is a constant reminder to ourselves as 4th-dimensional beings. We have these transparent Frameworks purposely hidden, and yet at the same time, are very prominent emotional faculties, counterbalanced by the structure of our brains creating an infinite metaphysical network of progressive and amalgamated senses, we call the Mind.


These are data streams that include ancestries of knowledge, encapsulated within a sphere of time forging instinctive emotional templates, which also evolve alongside creative thinking towards many meanings. This is a means which wouldn’t be necessary unless there was an Awareness of greater scopes of time. Scopes of time which as a Consciousness purposely creates stages to worlds comprised of modulations to endless varieties of polar opposites, to everything that can be experienced, forming the basis of our instincts, to the stratosphere of all possibility, as everything humanity does not wish to become, and everything humanity desires to be.

This, therefore, means, we are using the structure of the Mind & Consciousness to organically create a Framework of imaginative stories that map paths to life, which modulate human behaviours, evolving vibrational scopes of Thinking, leading us to greater prospects for a species.

However, it seems we have forgotten, and enclosed our observations within the Mirrors of the Mind, evoking illusions of the Ego, intimidated by its own limits, and thus it creates a Subconscious to protect itself.