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Mind ReMapping is a discipline that gives the observer the temporary means to pause the rhythmic scripts to any perceptive narrative of life.


This meditation is known as The Mechanism of “Empty Mind”.


Empty Mind temporarily suspends temporal cycles of Thoughts that correspond with Emotional elasticities, forming membranes of Consciousness, that capture Thinking within a play of Creative Loops, of Limiting Beliefs.

spherical time 

To find the Empty Mind, you must first recognise you are playing the lead role to the many elusive characters of your life, known as the Ego, which follows a mainframe of scripts that you must find.


And so, we helplessly lose ourselves within self-manifested theatrics, and the contexts of productions which inspire our books, movies, suspense, thrillers, dramas, & games, because we all love a good story.


Film Shooting
Pottery Creations

Proactive ego 

Without the variable stories of our lives presenting life’s many themes, Mind ReMapping would be pointless, as there would be no reason to have Frameworks of an Elusive Mind orchestrating our manifested productions.


The Mind is an intuitive design of the 4th Dimension, which Framework multiple positions in SPHERICAL TIME, guiding our observation & creativity, manifested as rhythms within 3 Dimensions of physical space, so we can find and become the best versions of ourselves.

Think of the Empty Mind, as if you are the director on one of many multiple film sets, on a project called Humanity.


Each stage set on Earth has a geographical location, which simultaneously corresponds to specific locations of 4 Dimensions of Time, that is assigned to deep-seated concepts.  


These are the concepts of our careers, cultures, relationships, religion, race, sexual orientation etc, that carry Time Signatures, and these as behavioural rhythms, control 3-Dimensional space, where occasionally we have to stop these scripts so we can revaluate and change the direction of our lives.

Surreal World

empty mind 

A show at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, Ha Noi, Vietnam

With our Minds, we constantly observe a sequence of scripts with the intention to change them, or at the very least the attempt to disturb its direction, however, we are not aware of these higher positions of Time.


The stories of our lives, which are either given to us or/and are self-created, are so compelling that we convince ourselves that they are valid because they create a sense of SELF we do not want to lose, even if the scripts are painful, because as far as we are aware, this is all that we are, and know.

creative loops

The mechanism of observing Time from 4 Dimensions are Frameworks that proactively alter the context when stories do not present any valuable meaning, that we can no logically take any further.


However, as we are so close to 3 dimensions of physical space, our objectification of materialism disables our ability to conceive Awareness beyond the floodlights of the world stage of life, and thus, we end up embroiled within Creative Loops we are helpless to stop.

Actress on a Stage

world stages 


Mind ReMapping are Frameworks that render Thinking to greater scopes of the 4th Dimension.


The transparencies that make the Mind Elusive are purposely hidden from an Ego not yet Metamorphosized to break its Creative Loops, but yet at the same time, these streams of Bandwidths are prominent within the emotional faculties of Awareness.


Emotions counterbalance electrical impulses of the brain, creating an infinite progressive network of Interference Patterns, that amalgamate 4th Dimensional senses, we call the Mind.

These are data streams that include ancestries of knowledge, encapsulated within a sphere of time forging instinctive emotional templates, which also evolve alongside creative thinking towards many meanings.


This is a means which wouldn’t be necessary unless there was an Awareness of greater scopes of time.


Scopes of time which as a Consciousness purposely creates stages to worlds comprised of modulations to endless varieties of polar opposites, to everything that can be experienced, forming the basis of our instincts, to the stratosphere of all possibility, as everything humanity does not wish to become, and everything humanity desires to be.

Rocket Launch

Higher consciousness 

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This, therefore, means, we are using the structure of the Mind & Consciousness to organically create a Framework of imaginative stories that map paths to life, which modulate human behaviours, evolving vibrational scopes of Thinking, leading us to greater prospects for a species.


However, it seems we have forgotten, and enclosed our observations within the Mirrors of the Mind, evoking illusions of the Ego, intimidated by its own limits, and thus it creates a Subconscious to protect itself.

Mirrors of Mind