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A Mind that rises with the enthusiasms of the Sun....

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"Consciousness .....the Design to one’s own version of the 4th Dimension, exemplifying Frameworks of Creativity, that our Minds Modulate into all manners of 3 Dimensional prospects."

During Daylight hours, follow the inertias of Awareness, so as to catapult one's Mind into the stratospheres of Consciousness. Thus, when Night falls and the skies clear, we too can Dream, navigating the Stars, but to our own Framework of Constellations.

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Web Logo _edited.png a Mind that Dreams as profoundly as the mysteries beyond our Moon....

"Are you more aware whilst you sleep, than when you are awake?" asked Consciousness, "sometimes," my Ego replied, "good "said Consciousness ", for this is how the Mind finds Dreams "......

The flux of the Mind is constantly shifting through transient states, therefore, the aim is not to try and look for it, because it is Elusive, but instead, to catch it out when it least suspects you are able to conceive it.

​One of the ways of catching the Mind out, is by learning as Dimensions of TIME, how to make yourself conceptually bigger than the Minds Framework of expectation, or if you are Creative enough, to lose the limiting grasp of the Mind altogether, losing the EGO within all the Mirrors of your Imagination.

​This meditation is called “the Empty Mind”, at which point the Frameworks that define your Mind will show themselves.

However, “the Empty Mind", means it’s very opposite, it is the internal observation of all that is within you as Consciousness.

Empty Mind are Creative games, where Consciousness will either hide the Mind within the Mirrors of material objects, within your fears or pleasures, and where we show promise, it will Mirror the Mind by mapping the sophistication of our Arts, Disciplines, and Practises.

When we start becoming proficient candidates as worthy competitors, Consciousness will up the stakes by hiding the Mind within our Moon, Stars, and Universe, but doubling back on itself within the Mirrored illusions of the Mind itself. This is called Chasing the Phoenix or Catching the Loop.

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the Elusive 4th Dimension 


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