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the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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A  U  G  M  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N

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The MIND Philosophy: "Be so Creatively removed from reality, that the Mind has no choice, but to come out of hiding…." Mind ReMapping...


It doesn’t take much to augment illusions of depth that aren’t there, because your Mind will organically create realities to map what you believe.

Observe the illusionary depth of this picture with its geometry of simple lines that manipulate vision, and you will have some grasp of how the depths of each of our senses augment the geometries of reality to create illusions.

The Mind is literally ReMapping the world around you, in the same way, the piano and the branches of the tree are in the foreground of an illusion of a background, we agree is there.

Your Mind intelligence is so vast, that it doesn’t need to move physics to create reality, it instead, moves Time within 4 Dimensions, because your Thoughts and Thinking, which have no mass, move at the speed of Light.

It’s at this point, that you can begin to appreciate how the convictions of a perception or a belief, if permitted, can easily distort Time, of a Bilateral Mind choosing to be 2 Dimensional.

In this era in Time, there is no need to physically force change in reality and opinions. Today we can simply change the geometries to a Sense of Time, and every dynamic in nature already in existence will present itself in a Mind that uses its Imagination, or instead, is a Mind confined within a belief system.

Right now, you can test this capacity by answering a simple question.

Tell me what is in the room next door to this beautiful Mansion house?

"…the subconscious are the hidden depths in our oceans, and the inversion of this, is daily life, in the potential altitudes of our skies. Everyone wants to dream of flying, but no one dares to dream of swimming into the deep, and thus, we age, as strangers to ourselves…"

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