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G E O M E T R I C   Y I N G  - Y A N G

Creating Symmetries of the Future 

"If you challenge your Mind head-on, it won’t be expecting it. It will see you coming, but if you surprise it with the unusual characteristics of courage, or creativity, its reality will scatter Time, dropping illusions of reality long enough, that you see the world for what it is.".......Mind ReMapping....

Welcome to the Meta Coding Tutorial, “the Gates of Creativity”.

In this tutorial, we will focus on the abnormalities of normality, pointing out apparent contradictions in reality, that you may not have seen.

You are going to use your Imagination to disprove the existence of your Mind and the beliefs that govern your life, by becoming so Creatively removed from reality, that your Mind, will have no choice but to reveal itself to be an illusion.

For without the illusion of the Mind, there is no illusion of reality.

The only means of doing this effectively, is to find everything the Mind is NOT, by pushing the boundaries of every belief the Mind has concealed itself within, whilst it at the same time, convinces you that you are that same illusion that you are afraid to let go of, by fragmenting your beliefs.  

The strength of these illusions, in most cases, are apparitions that are so ingrained into our psyche that they can hide themselves within the shadows of our self-created darkness.

Through the years we meticulously sew this meta-blindness deep into the characteristics of egos, that we call by our own name.

The darkness is the submerged foundation of Imagination and its creativity we have learnt to invert into our Subconscious, which too, is also illusions of blindness created by us.

These apparitions and phantoms are called “the Gatekeepers,” which we use to actively prevent ourselves from accessing our origins, by creating Mirrors within Mirrors of illusions that we lose ourselves in every day.

However, we are all agents of TIME and gradually we will begin to conceive the grandiose of this self-created illusionary presence we call the Mind.

The illusion of the MIND is an interface of Time, that has 4 axes of THINKING.

These axes are:

The 1st Dimension – Unilateral Axis – Location 1 (Thought or the Thinking) 

​The 2nd Dimension – Bilateral Axis – Location 2 (Objectification) 

​The 3rd Dimension – Trilateral Axis – Location 3 (Understanding)

​And the Elusive 4th Dimension – Quadrilateral Axis – Spherical Sense (Time)

1st Dimension 

2nd Dimension 

3rd Dimension_edited.png

3rd Dimension 

4th Dimension 

Once you learn how to THINK in Time from 3 to 4 points of reference, instead, of the singular reference we have been using our whole lives, we can then, begin to Contort, Refract, and Distort the illusions of Time, Mirroring the realities we want to see.

We are all ultimately looking for the birth of our Genesis.

This Genesis is not a physical birth, but the birth to clarities of Consciousness held within the origins of Time inside a vortex.

This vortex are impenetrable membrane of Time, free from the external influences of our conceptual worlds, which have such deadly silences that it resets and revitalises our purpose.

The vortex is our purity of TIME, which is a safe space within Consciousness where you will see reality for what it actually is, and not, what we have been led to believe reality to mean.

Landscape Field 2.jpg




But, to find this space we must learn to triangulate locations in Time, using 3 points of reference as the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd axes of Thinking.

We will fragment every illusion of our current existence temporarily, long enough that the gravitas of their resistance we cannot yet compete against, is lost, thus, simultaneously losing the illusion of the Mind. 

This is called your, “Mental MetaMorphosis” which is to raise the frequency of our Thinking from a linear prospect to a Spherical Sense.

Your Race, Gender, Religion, Culture, Status, etc are of no use in the 4th Dimension, for they are all experiences of life, but they are NOT Life itself, which is far beyond anything you can imagine.  

And for this, you will need to fall into an inverted space of Time, called the “Empty Mind”.

e  m  p  t  y     m  i  n  d 

First and foremost, before we start fragmenting reality to find the Gates of our Creativity and our Genesis, we will need to draw attention to inconsistencies in our reality.

This tutorial will consist of a short exercise which you can do in your own time and share with others to confirm its validity.

Exercise 1  - Polarities.

On a piece of A4 paper, draw a straight horizontal line 1 5th from the top, from one side to its other.

On one side write a + symbol, and at the other end of the line write a – symbol.

The Positive and Negative represent the universal polarities that govern everything.

Up & Down, In and Out, Off and On, Mother & Father etc.

Now, I would like you to write down a list of as many polarities that you can think of (10 minimum).

List your paired choices in the columns in the same row, one for the positive side, and its opposite on the other on the negative side.

Once your list is complete, draw a vertical line, splitting the polarities, from the top, all the way down to the bottom of your list.

 P O S I T I V E 







Did you draw the separating line in the centre of your choices, just as it is shown in the illustration, or did you draw that line, further to the left or to the right?

No doubt, you drew the line as central as possible between your list, because you are organically designed to balance polarities,  so that you can conceive them equally, as both their positive and negative attributes and qualities.  

​That centre line, in this instance, represents you and your Mind.

​You are at the centre of every polarity because you can see both the Positives and the Negatives.

​This makes you a Modulator of reality because you can conceive every polarity in the universe as ingredients of life, where the more polarities you have as a dialect, the more choices you have, regardless of how big or small polarities are.

​As a Modulator, you decide whether you are going to focus your Thinking to the left of these polarities, or to their right, which ultimately means, that you decide if a prospect of Time is Positive or Negative.


However, don’t forget Positive and Negative are not the only polarities available to you. There is up and down, in and out,  off and on etc, thus, you are not fixed to 1 line of reference, instead, you can change their axes through 360 x 360 x 360 degrees, ultimately changing the prospects of Time from a sequence into a Sphere.


T  R  I  s  p  h  e  r  i  c  a  l    s  e  n  s  e 

Positive & Negative have nothing to do with Good or Bad, or Right or Wrong, they are simply the indices of choices between the distance of polarities, in how far you can separate them, and this is called your “Bandwidth”.

​The further you can separate these polarities, the greater the creation of a bandwidth of choices that you can make to determine your reality, where the world simply answers, your decisions.


You are standing at the centre of TIME between its fundamentals, where if you are not happy with a construct of Time, simply expand their polarities from your 3 points of reference as Thinking, and its discontentment will be fragmented, disappearing into Time.

This is called  "Bandwidth Expansion”



exspanded bandwidth 


b a n d w i d t h    e x p a n s i o n 

The fundamentals of Time are Oscillation and Vibration, the Mother & Father, Masculinity & Femininity, Pleasure & Pain, etc. 

These 2 polarities are the principal states, and you, as the Modulator create the 3rd  state as Time, evoking the Triad of the Mind, and at its centre, is your harmony or disharmony.

The Triad represents Oscillation as Consciousness, Vibration as Awareness, & Modulation as Action.


The Father, the Mother, and the Child, the Past, the Future, and the Present, or the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd axes of THINKING.

You are the Child centred between the Father and the Mother, you are the Present centred between the Past and the Future, or you as the Ego are centred between what you want, and what you don’t.

​The choices of your reality are entirely yours.


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M O D U L A T I O N 

t r i a d   o f   t h e   m i n d 

We will conclude this Meta Coding session here for now.

This month, allow the information to digest, and experiment with what you have learnt against your reality, and you will be surprised.

As you ingrain Trilateral Thinking into your daily life, gradually your Spherical Sense will begin to augment your Mind.

The illusion you Think is your Mind, will move away from its opinions which are controlled by Belief systems as one polarity, and will move towards its opposite, to reach centres of Time that can locate your Genesis, which is the pivot of your Consciousness.

This will create your Mind into a Technology that controls TIME.



Come back again next month for the next edition and exercise assignment.

Regards & Thank you.

Mind ReMapping


the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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