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emotional dis-ease

mind framework

Emotional, Mental and Physical Dis Ease are misalignments between Consciousness, Intelligence and the Ego.


There are resonant threads that bind these entities into a unified Framework, it flows throughout a governing faculty made up of smaller intricate frameworks, all of which are clockworks that conceptualise awareness into geometric patterns from which many languages are discerned as communication in a 3-Dimensional world, the 4th dimension of our minds are designed to be the host of.


Those threads are the bandwidths of awareness, embedded within carrier signals of our Emotions


Consciousness derives its purpose from awareness, expanding through experience and memories. 

The framework known as the mind, are harmonics in constant states of flux, that whilst it assimilates dynamics, evolves imaginative structures into physical purpose, through which creative reasoning is an intelligence, that off of those frameworks modulate, if possible, appropriate behaviours as meaning, through which the Egos personality can be expressed.


The mind is the Middleway, balancing these entities, and where the mind is remapped, contrary to the triad of Consciousness, Imagination, and the Ego, that from which it emerges, turbulence reverberates and reigns throughout all constitutions of humanity.


When we feel the discourse of emotional turbulence, that instability are polarities of consciousness the mind inspires, but with incomplete frameworks, which though are crude expressions of emotion, are entirely us. But when we define those emotions to physical concepts, less than our ambitious or intentional expectations, that is a reduction to potencies, that as consciousness, compresses that which cannot be contained into 3-dimensional reality, and therefore, is not us. 


Those reductions are impedances of behavioural confinement, controlled by a definition of words that arrange mental frameworks of the mind into configurations that resist aspects of consciousness greater than the mind's understanding of them, or even worse, attempts to dominate it, which only infuriates an emotional backlash.


The words we use, especially that of negative connotations, are impedances, inappropriately taken on by lesser minds, as personalities of our wayward behaviours, which in time we accept as the forms of our egos.