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Meditations are internalised practises reflecting many versions of the self, found within the contexts of our Consciousness, Imagination, and Egos

Meditation is the art of peering into the Spherical Mirrors of the Mind.

The mirroring minds are the windows to any points in time, that depending on their clarity, allows its observer to objectively review conditions of life, but surrounded by particular contexts defined as human existence.

Those contexts of humanity can be any positions of self-awareness the observer chooses to adopt, which through the mind are the mirrored frameworks from a child, sibling, teenager, adult, parent, partner, or an employee, the boss, the friend or enemy, etc.

The mind in this instant, from a meditative standpoint, illustrates many parallels of understanding from each of these chosen positions of life, and compresses them into emotional flashes of the past, present, and future, to amalgamate an overall theme to the minds many states of consciousness.

These momentary flashes are perceptions representing progressive pathways to life’s varied variety, which are directions that if taken, the Ego will modulate, provided it has the frameworks to support those conditions to life.  

Those modulations are automatic physical behaviours, that follow whichever direction Consciousness, Imagination, and the Ego are structured into, like the temperament of sea winds, or the waves of an ocean, both of which blow within the sails, and drive a ship's direction. And this is what we would commonly define as the temperaments to our personalities.

The three entities of Consciousness, Imagination, & Ego form a Triad, and they are collectives to a single logic evoking an efficient means of intelligence, objectively framed as Spheres of the Mind.

The mind itself, are Geometric structures of awareness, as Bandwidths that resonate with Harmonics that develop conceptual insights. Those insights are then mapped into logical frameworks, evolving the sphere of the mind. The greater that sphere becomes, the further the mind can cast its nets across and into the physical world to capture more awareness.

The pathways the mind frameworks across 3 dimensions are controlled by resonances of Emotion, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. However, the ego will always follow the paths with greater sophistications of logic, which equally are the frameworks that also carry the greatest emotional investment.

Therefore, to think that it is possible, that through the internal practice of Affirmations, Positive Attitudes, Manifesting, or the Laws of Attraction, that the ego can undo years of Frameworks the mind has evolved and solidified into our current personalities. The current personalities of which, have been cultivated and shaped within the dynamic Oscillations of Consciousness, the Modulations of our Ego behaviours, and the Vibrations of Intellectual Creativity, as our thoughts, is an elaborate illusion of self-deception.

This is an imaginative play on awareness, where the world captures our minds within Creative Loops.

Unless you have been professionally trained in meditations, like the professions of Ballet, Music, Painting, Writing, or any of the arts which require the highest degrees of commitment, these meditations will only amplify your every weakness.

When you observe the reasons, many internal practices are undertaken, the majority of their use is to acquire some type of objectivity or mental state. However, what happens to many people instead, is that they are confronted by the overwhelming limits of what they do not know. This is because their focus for that particular meditation, is a logic that will start at the limit of what the mind understands before it can framework greater expectations.

This, of course, will only be perceptions presented as obscurities, but these are not obscurities, they only appear that way to egos with no modulative rhythms that can match what the mind is showing it. Those perceptions are like coded pieces of valuable information, which if the ego learns to develop are mental frameworks of the mind which act as its own code breaker to the egos perceptive clarity.


This is called Alignment.

The purpose of internal practises, such as meditations, is to review the breadth of your self-awareness as what we understand of ourselves only, and not to force an outcome. These outcomes are parallels the mind will present to you as an ego, which are the logical pathways we can modulate as our behaviours, which fits a mental framework.

Once an emotional understanding is established through the frameworks the mind has structured into perception to certain aspects of life, can we then start to choose our pathways.

This is what Meditation is.

It is the practice of patiently observing, but without judgement, which is to learn how to engage the encompassment of all meditations called “the Empty Mind”.

This, however, for the uninitiated, takes significant amounts of effort to achieve, but fortunately, there are many techniques we can employ that distract the predefined judgements of our ego long enough, that it temporarily fragments our personality, allowing the mind to adapt new frameworks, ReMapping beneficial changes to our states of consciousness.

“Bandwidth Expansion”, is the practice of ReMapping frameworks from the infinite prospects of our 3-dimensional worlds, but which are much greater than the defaults to our ego behaviours.

This is called “Chasing the Loop”, or “Chasing the Phoenix”, which is to use the newly develop frameworks we have integrated from the prospects of our world to catch the parameters of our Elusive Minds.