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V  O  I  D  +  S  P  A  C  E  +  T   I  M  E 

A   N E W   M I N D     A    N E W    H U M A N

I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N

What is the purpose of life? (to appreciate all that gives life purpose)


What is it that gives life meaning, that before we see its conclusions disappear over the horizon, that we can all say before its lights fade, we have lived?

Defining such questions is the equivalent of noticing your eyes whilst looking, or hearing our ears whilst listening, pointing to possible changes that require external examinations, therefore, asking what our purpose is, is a notice of changing drifts from life’s path, which in this instance also requires examinations, but of our internal identities.

We all have our obligations of community, work, family, and health, but beyond their necessities, if at all they can be satisfied, what happens next?

Do we wait for the inevitable ends, or use that time to search, not for activities to keep ourselves busy, but to commit to a higher purpose greater than our contentment?

Whatever your answers, for me, there is one clear life distinction we all need to acquire as citizens of Earth.

Clarity of Mind.

To find clarity of mind,  first, we have to recognise that there is an identity of mind to be acquired before embarking on any life choices, for without an identity, we have no reference of time which indicates the directions we are taking.

Einstein quoted, “Space & Time,” highlighting reference points from which we can discern any path in distance, and the time travelled to reach a destination, but what about the “Space & Time” in our minds?

Sure, we can reference physical space, and assign it to the time of 3 Dimensions as the world we all occupy. Still, the properties of time in the mind are altogether a different prospect, and this is why the mind is often felt as if we are peering into its Void. 

Our initial purpose is to keep the mind free of time distortions so that we can maintain as clear an image from our experiences and memories. Life experience is different for each of us, but eventually, through time, it will lead us to a thinking which can manifest empirical measures of the mind.

Empirical measures in time are sacred geometries of code deeply ingrained across multiple networks mapping the entirety of this world.  And from their frameworks, our creativity can evoke mind identities which mirror divine intellects which will allow us to assimilate their unique time signatures, so that we can navigate towards our chosen futures.

Time is the genesis of all of us. Time is the universal rhythms that sustains all life, and a mind that has a reference of itself by mirroring the sacred geometries of the world, can manufacture purities of time. The mind can arc time into curving bandwidths and frequencies in just the same manner that light separates itself into a spectrum of colours in a rainbow.

Your mind is a Prism, and through “Quadrilateral Thinking,” we can separate and observe a full spectrum of opportunities in life, like a halo radiating purities in our thoughts and thinking. Without an identity of mind, we grossly limit time that will bind us to single frequencies, wavelengths, or timelines that should otherwise, be the means to see the potential of our purpose in life, whatever that may be.


The brain has electric rhythms. These rhythms are an amalgamation process, combining the analog operating rhythms of our bodies, and the way we modulate ourselves, creating symphonic waveforms of electrical impulses in brain activity.

Brain activity is a harmonic cadence, influencing fluxes in time that travel through all dimensions. Harmonic resonances transduce time between the 3rd and 4th dimensions like the pulse rates on an old modem, turning the voltage of our bodies into electrochemical signals of the brain in the 3rd dimension and then, transducing brain activity into electromagnetic fields in the 4th dimension, and this is where the mind resides.

The brain and the mind form a 3 tier Trinary system, where in the mind electromagnetic fields are processed in frequency.

When our minds are working at the right operating capacity, they erect meta frameworks of geometric mathematical quantisations, like the patterns we see exemplified in the organised structures of butterflies, snowflakes, or seashells, etc, but in the mind, this is represented as perceptions of divine geometries (the image above).


This explains why our relationship with music expands the lifetime of our species because music is one of a few disciplines, that can accurately mirror the structures of the mind.

Quantisation stores information as memory efficiently, packaging our experiences as a means of interactive expressions in our physical behaviours as conscious beings which can reference empirical measures of mind functionality, that otherwise if not quantised, result in methods of error-correcting.

Error corrections are synonymous with transitions of negative behaviours, where the mind is attempting to balance time to where it should be.

However, if the language we use to reference the mind is consciousness representing false negatives, the mind will ignore it, because it cannot mirror its geometry effectively, thus leaving us in voids of time, to which we then externalise our understanding to the comforts of materialism.

When our minds are geometrically balanced, we do not need to worry about our lack of confidence, doubts, or inferiority, because the data in our experiences, regardless of how small our knowledge may seem, automates the right behaviours which are reflective of efficient quantisations.

This means we don’t need to concern ourselves with expressions of speech and body language if we have assimilated the correct frameworks which allows our mind to calculate the experience correctly, because it will be self-evident.

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