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How do you know that you are Alive?


Maybe you would not be able to tell, in the same way a Butterfly doesn’t know it was once a caterpillar, or the caterpillar, not knowing that one day it will metamorph into a butterfly.


And thus, if you can’t remember existence before you were born, how do you know you are Alive now, if there no means of comparison?


We could be experiencing personal versions of the afterlife as Heaven, Hell, or Limbo, and we wouldn’t know.


The Mind could be recreating the resonant echoes of past memories, captured as illusions we are lost within. A play of Interactive Creative Loops, programmed on habitual behaviours from the many lives before us, which like ours have already passed.


After all, we aren’t always aware that we are dreaming until we wake up, and whilst in the dream, we interact with all its contexts, but yet, they are not really there. Creativity maps each storyline to keep us engaged to the dreams often weird realities, causing enough of a distraction that we don’t question it stories.  


So how would you know, with all the distractions in your life, that this isn’t happening to you right now?


To test, if indeed we are trapped within illusions, convincing us to our existence, all Creative Loops would need to be pushed to their extreme, so that they become so sinister, and peculiar that it would force the Mind into involuntary glitches, as we enter new parallels of Consciousness the Mind was never supposed to create.


This would be the same as our Self-Realisations that we control the script to our lives, but we have forgotten how to do it.


Regardless of whether we are Dreaming, Alive or stuck within illusions, makes no difference, as to find out which parallel we are in, we would still have to test the extreme parameters of our Minds to establish which reality we are in. 


So, in this case, what is the point of hiding behind your FEAR.

the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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