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You have registered for Mind ReMapping, through one of its capacities in communal projects that delve into alternatives to reality.


Your registration is a precursor for applicants considering the Mind Inversion Class, which was initially scheduled for 5th January 2024, but due to the rapid increase of applicant requests, it seems only fair that we at least give more people the opportunity to attend the first class of this new year.


The Mind inversion Class has now been rescheduled for the 19th of January 2024 @ 7 pm (UK TIME)


Think of the class as the re-tuning of the Mind, in preparation for reassignments in Time, where based on cognitive frequencies you can walk through doors of reality.


The physical world looks the same to everyone, but metaphorically, this world can be as unique to a meaning which you or a collective group of persons sharing the same frequency are capable of Imagining.


"….be so creatively removed from this Reality, that the world you know becomes silent…."



The theory of relativity and Space-Time is well known, but its theory has a third state, which is an important counterpoint.


The third state of relativity must also include the Void.


The Void can be anything, as metaphorically real as Imagination will allow, that at the same time is boundless and impossible to measure because it does not wish to be metered.


The void in this instance, is not only the abyss beyond astronomical knowledge, but moreover, the abyss are reflection of a hidden Consciousness that sits beyond the Mind.


This is called “Mirroring”. Mirroring is when a Mind which is unintrusive, is silent long enough that it is able to witness a bridging between Awareness and Consciousness as they catch each other’s reflections as they flow through Time, reuniting the lost symmetries of their kindred spirits.


The Void, Space, and Time, go hand in hand with one another as the Trinary System of 3 6 & 9, and here you will be taken through Time to a few of their best vantage points in reality.


Vantage points are positions in Time as if setting a clock, but which has 3 faces, and through its Prism you will capture the phenomena of reality behaving freely as it would if it didn’t have an audience watching.


This is the realm of the unobservable. The unobservable is frequencies in reality that are so high in orders of Time, that if your Mind remembers what it witnessed once returning to “normal “Time, could qualify potential for genius, but you will need to know how to return to its Bandwidth.  


This discipline of Bandwidth Expansion is called “The Empty Mind”.


If you have any questions about the Mind Inversion Class, and designing your Mind join us today 02/01/2024 at 7 PM (UK) Time.

the Elusive 4th Dimension 

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