association game

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Imagine an online business owner offering products to customers.

For every item brought, the Store Manager organises a team of couriers and the delivery service.

In the office, a Business Accountant administrates sales, profits, purchases, costs, and salaries.

How effective would the Director be if:

They never looked at their inventory?

They didn’t know how many couriers they had, and what vehicles they used to make their deliveries?

And they never had meetings with their business accountant to discuss sustainable practices?

And even if there was product success, how long would it be before the company lost control of its business direction, collapsing the work structure under the weight of its mismanagement?

This example is not a good demonstration of business ownership, where its leader has no logistical grasp of the enterprise.

Regardless of what ambitions the owner has, if there are no Frameworks upon which they can conceive business strengths and weaknesses, every aspect of their enterprise will eventually become an obstacle.

That example is an oversimplified association to the many obscurities we have accepted as our subconscious, the fundamentals of which, are responsible for the daily running of the MIND enterprise.

If you have no concept or frameworks which determines the depths of those obscurities:

Consciousness, which is the Inventory of your Experience & Memories.

Mind, which are the logistics of the Store Manager & Business Accountant, as your Frameworks or Belief Systems.

Ego, which is the Courier Service, that modulates your Behaviours.

Ambition, Imagination.

State of Mind, which is excellent Customer Experience, as the Resonances of your Emotions.

Then everything outside and beyond your Awareness, and thus your control, that is accepted as the obscurities to a Subconscious, that you neither see nor understand, will determine the direction of the Mind.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how much you desire to succeed, if there are no Mental structures that through Mind ReMapping exploits the rhythms of your Consciousness, then that mind belongs to whatever contexts are greater than its thinking.  

Accepting the concept of a Subconscious is everyone’s free will to follow, however, when confronted by limits that fail to give way to repeated efforts. What do you think are the limits that cause those obstacles?

I M A G I N A T I O N…. Your Imagination will create Mirrors of Perceptions that will trap the Mind within LOOPS, like being trapped in a maze.

Creative Loops manifest perceptions of obstacles, but with alternate endings that are as infinite as the Minds experience of its definitions of failure, which is moulded into Illusions of Thinking.

The illusionary thinking’s of which, if it were thinking, would know that we are caught in the perceptive traps of the Imagination.

But of course, we would discern elements of this, if we decided to look beyond the limits of our Subconscious.

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