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Cogs and a Pencil
Taking Notes

Artists will utilise a pencil to understand it, in and of itself. They will consistently and conscientiously practise techniques and disciplines to best exploit its application to drawing or sketching.


Between the everyday user and artist are enormous crevasses of knowledge, from the common limited expectations of pencils, to the pursuits of excellence through it.

Brain Sketch

This for our Minds is associations to a pencil, between cultural expectations to how we think, versus pursuits to the understanding of our Minds.

City Street

If you use the Mind to fulfil cultural expectations like the basic functions of a pencil, to only jot down notes, make lists, and work out quick solutions, then your beliefs systems will only attain those criteria, unable to imagine greater portraits or masterpieces to life, other than what you presume of it.

Painting Class

Whereas, if like the artist you use the Mind in and of itself, then the prospects of your Thinking will be vastly improved.


The Artist Mirrors the pencil through the canvas of paper or parchments, without which they could not develop the functionality to use it.

Mirror Reflecting Sunset

These are Refractive Dualities, which for the artist to exploit the pencil, will need surfaces to Mirror them off. And thus, these are the same refractions needed for us to discover our Minds, but the canvas for our thinking is not paper, it is the entire tapestry of the World.