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Once upon a time there was a community of snails that lived in a lovely valley.


Unfortunately, all the snails were afraid of venturing out from under the bushes because they protected them from all the greedy crows that would snatch them up every day.  

Crows were everywhere, and they especially loved the taste of juicy snails.

One day, a brave snail decided to call a truce to talk to the crows on behalf of the snail community.

The snail asked the leading crow if there were any chance they would change their appetites from the taste of her friends and family, in favour of the berries, which were plentiful.

The crow declined the suggestion, so the snail offered an alternative idea.

She said, “if you can beat me in a race around the perimeter of the valley, you can freely eat us whenever you want and we won’t hide, but if I win, you must promise never to eat us again”.

The crow laughed and asked where the finish line was. The snail pointed her tentacle down on the ground and drew a little line ahead of her, “here is the line” she said.

Instantly the crow took off around the perimeter of the large valley. 

It flew high into the sky and swooped down rounding every corner of the valley to shortly return swiftly passing the line that the snail was now, at the other side of.

The crow having landed, hopped over to the snail and said “he he, I won”, “Bring out all your family, I am hungry”, but the snail replied, “You didn’t win, I did”

“You see, I started my race around this valley 2 days ago taking in all its beauty, and crossed the finish line when you hastily took off”.

The crow jumped around in a tantrum saying, “You didn’t tell me you’d already started,” and the snail replied, “Well, you didn’t ask……”

“It’s not always about speed, nor how high you can fly for all the world to see, but it is always about understanding the importance of TIME, and for us snails, Creativity is our speed….”

The snail continued “I started this race knowing you knew, I would need more Time than you, so I changed the dynamics of time in my favour, instead of in yours” and with that, she continued her journey across the valley.  

The moral of the story:

We are all racing through Time, and whosoever takes advantage of it as their own, and not in the pursuit of someone else’s race, regardless of how long it takes, and especially, whilst alone, will be favoured by success ….

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